The Guardian Thursday May 23 2002

CONCERNE: LA FIFA a-t-elle rompu son contrat avec l'OMS,
à peine celui-ci signé? BAT et la Malaysie sous les projecteurs.

Pour votre info, le communiqué de presse de M. Clive Bates, Directeur de Ash, Londres ainsi que l'article paru ce matin dans The Guardian Europe (inséré).
From: Clive Bates, Director ASH - Action on Smoking and Health

This is a sports/business news story for Thursday morning - 00.01 embargo. In essence, British American Tobacco (BAT) is using the World Cup 2002 and English football generally to promote its Dunhill brand in Malaysia (and elsewhere) - this violates FIFA's policy on tobacco, and it seems to have been done without any permission from the major stars or clubs they are using.

In summary....

1. BAT is sidestepping FIFA's strict no-tobacco policy by sponsoring TV coverage of the World Cup for Dunhill in Malaysia. They are then using advertising of the TV coverage to advertise the brand in newspapers. To a young fan in Malaysia, BAT/Dunhill will look exactly like a major sponsor of the World Cup - yet all with FIFA's unequivocal disapproval and no payment from BAT to FIFA. See advert

2. The coverage is actually in violation of BAT's own (weak) voluntary code - but BAT argues that the code doesn't come in until after the World Cup. We argue they should just write off the investment. If they accept that it would be unacceptable in December, how can it be acceptable in June?

3. They are also using English Premier League, the FA Cup and several top players from Man U., Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool (inc. Beckham, Henry, Owen etc.) - apparently without any permission or paying image rights at all. The Premier League is aware and confirms there are no commercial arrangements that would allow this. There are good opportunities to take the story on by contacting agents, clubs etc. - we have made only limited overtures so far. See the image

4. Similar approaches are evident in Korea, Niger and Pakistan - and probably a lot more countries we don't know about...

It's all documented in a press release with images of the ads, promotional material and quotes from Malaysia etc.

Our aim to pressure the BAT management to pull its sponsorship branding before the World Cup and write off the money.

I hope this is of interest. Regards

Clive Bates, Director
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) 102 Clifton Street London EC2A 4HW
T: +44 (0)20 7739 5902
F: +44 (0)20 7613 0531
M: +44 (0)77 6879 1237
Autres messages pour information:

Dear friends

Two of the top figures in the field of cancer have written separately to the Chairman of BAT, Martin Broughton, calling on him to pull the Malaysian World Cup promotion:

John Seffrin, President of the American Cancer Society and President Elect of UICC (thanks to Karen Lewis at CTFK for organising this)

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner and Director General of Cancer Research UK - Europe's largest research charity has written in very direct terms.

I hope these help to give the story an additional angle.

Also some pressure has been applied to FIFA - remember they were warned during Euro 2000 that this might happen at the World Cup 2002.... Lord Faulkner of Worcester has written to Sepp Blatter today to remind him of the warnings posed in 2000

Letter to Blatter 2000

Reply from Blatter 2000 - saying only in his control if it is a FIFA event

Letter to Blatter - faxed to Blatter's hotel in Korea - asking him to do something about it in 2002

Clive Bates Director Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

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