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Nottingham University cancer staff quit over BAT row

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Nottingham University cancer staff quit over BAT row
Sixteen medical staff have resigned from Nottingham University in protest at the acceptance of a multimillion pound grant from British American Tobacco.
Professor Malcolm Stevens, the university's head of cancer described the departures as humiliating yesterday. He said that the resignation of David Thurston and his team of 15 researchers would make Nottingham University a "minor player" in the cancer research field.
He said that the university's decision to accept to accept a £3.8 million grant from British American Tobacco was misguided and that it had been made without consultation with academic staff. "We have always aspired at Nottingham University to be a major international player in cancer research," he said, "But as a result of the University's decision I think now we will be a very minor player. It is a disastrous humiliation."
Professor Thurston, who was being groomed to succeed Professor Stevens but is now moving to the University of London said: "I am leaving in protest. By accepting the money [from a tobacco company] the university is seen to be encouraging smoking, and I feel that is ethically wrong."
It is understood that the vast majority of his researchers are to leave with him.
Link to complete story: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0,,2-2001194963,00.html
Source: The Times, 12 June 2001

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