NOTE: Réponse ci-dessous du Doyen de la Faculté de Médecine de l'Université de Göteborg. L'Université de Göteborg n'a pas été informée de la plainte de M. Rylander et a encore moins donné son aval à sa démarche. Le "encore moins" est très parlant. L'Université de Göteborg prend ses distances par rapport à la plainte de M. Rylander, qu'elle qualifie de démarche effectuée par lui en tant que personne privée.
Sent: Tuesday, 08 May, 2001 6:46 am
Dear Mr Diethelm!
I have been asked by our vice-chancellor, professor Samuelsson, to answer your mail message to him of May 5.
Professor Rylander retired from Göteborg university last year. His filing of a charge of libel, therefore, has been done entirely as a private person. He is entitled, though, to use the title of professor emeritus at our university, as he held a position as professor for 27 years, until the year 2000. The university has not been informed, and even less given consent, to professor Rylander´s legal actions against your organization. Yours sincerely
Göran Bondjers - Professor, Dean - Medical faculty - Göteborg University
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Sent: Sunday, 06 May, 2001 9:11 am
Subject: Re: Ragnar Rylander
I have forwarded your mail to Prof. Göran Bondjers, present dean of the medical faculty at our university.
Bo Samuelsson - Rector and vice chancellor
Samedi 5 mai 2001 19:27
Dear Dr Samuelsson,
I am addressing you in my capacity of President of Oxygenève (, a Swiss association dedicated to defending the rights of non-smokers to breathe clean air free from the toxic components of tobacco smoke. In collaboration with Cipret (, a state-subsidized association dealing with prevention in public health, we have publicly denounced a month ago Dr Ragnar Rylander for having spread disinformation about the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke while he was working at the University of Geneva and for having been secretely employed and paid by the tobacco industry for over 25 years.
We think that Ragnar Rylander has tarnished the reputation of our university by using its name to organize workshops that were entirely engineered by Philip Morris and their lawyers. Evidence of this is plentiful in the tobacco industry's internal documents that are now available on the web. The Philip Morris site alone contains more than 16'000 documents referring to Rylander. Some of these documents are in our opinion extremely incriminating (please refer to the web site:
Following our revelations, Ragnar Rylander has filed with the General Prosecutor of the State of Geneva a charge of libel against us (see Looking at the letter Ragnar Rylander sent to the General Prosecutor, we observe that he identifies himself as follows:

Monsieur Ragnar RYLANDER
Professeur du Département de
Médecine environnementale de
l'Université de Gothenburg
BP 414

This strongly suggests that Ragnar Rylander lodged his complaint in his capacity of professor of the Department of Environmental Medicine at Göteborg University.
Before making further steps on the basis of this assumption, we deemed it appropriate to check with you first and obtain clarification on whether and to what extent Göteborg University is associated with the charge brought against us by Ragnar Rylander. We would also be grateful if you could inform us about Ragnar Rylander's current status within your university. I thank you in advance for your kind attention to the above matter.
Yours sincerely,
Pascal A. Diethelm - President, OxyGenève
3, rue du Conseil-Général - 1205 Genève